Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Called into service

Mark Rathel’s comments about the lesson, “Serving the LORD Faithfully”, are more in line with my reading of 1 Samuel 2:12-4:1a. He puts the focus on God’s activity—intentions to end Eli’s family of priests, judge Israel by His silence, and prepare Samuel for ministry. He goes on to point out the lessons of listening to God.

The LORD called Samuel into His service. What is your understanding of Christians being called into vocational service today? This may be an opportunity for you to teach on that point.

A key question to ask members in your class (and mine) is based on Luke 2:52, 1 Sam 2:26, and 1 Sam 3:19. How is the Lord preparing and calling you to serve Him?

P.S. First Baptist Church, Chester, Illinois offers a lesson plan based on asking questions.

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