Saturday, December 20, 2008

To the point

A lesson plan "For Christmas" from Dr. Lucien Coleman was posted on the Riverland Hills Baptist Church site. It's brief, and offers a pointed message. He uses the traditional "nativity scene" as an ice-breaker.

What are your picks for the top 10 Christmas specials that have been broadcast on TV? You could show the list to your class to see if anyone remembers what made them special?

The lesson covers Mary's Song, so you might want to discuss the top 10 Christmas songs (one of many such lists) instead.

If you have a last minute question about the lesson, post a comment. I'll reply, and perhaps others, too!


Anonymous said...

I dont think this one had anything to do with ETB. None the less its a good one, my opinion...

God Bless,


servingHim said...

Thanks kaf. If I understand your comment, the link you provided does point to a good lesson on the Luke passage we are studying this week.

God is good!