Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Whose life is important?

What makes a good lesson? Grabbing people’s attention is key. How do you accomplish this in Sunday’s lesson, “Whose Life is Important?”

You can start off discussing political correctness, situation ethics; end justifying the means, or philosophies like humanism.

However, I suggest something visual since the lesson is about life. One idea that strikes me as useful is to show a collage of various images like the example given below. These images correspond to the focal verses covered in the lesson, which all teach the value of human life (see Brian Harbour’s plan (p. 7)).


Popnre said...

I just feel compelled to drop in here from time to time and say "THANKS" for the effort you make to post this material and make it available. Your material, and the links you provide have helped me a great deal in week to week preparation. Thanks again, popnre (Magnolia, Arkansas)

servingHim said...

First, let me say, you're welcome, and note that the Holy Spirit works in strange ways sometimes. I'm not saying that leaving a comment is a work of the Holy Spirit, but I do know God cares about every little detail in our lives! Thanks for your note; I appreciate it. God bless!

Mel Corley said...

Would you kindly make the collage available in a bigger format? I would like to print it as a poster to introduce the lesson.

servingHim said...

You can download two versions of the collage slide. The first is the size of a normal sized page, “Whose Life is Important?” (i.e open the file, go to File->Page Setup-> and observe the size as 10” x 7.5”, which fits on a 11” x 8.5” piece of paper

The second file, “Poster Size Collage,” contains the exact same slide except page size is set to 48” x 34”. This is a poster size I've used effectively in the past, but you can change the dimensions to whatever suits you

Hope this helps!