Friday, July 09, 2010

What Spiritual Gifts Can I Use? 1 Corinthians 12:1-14:40

In spite of an especially busy week, Gary Payne posted his PowerPoint slides for the lesson, "What Spiritual Gifts Can I Use?" based on 1 Corinthians  12:4-13, 18-19, 27-31; 14:1, 39-40.

Blessings to Randy Stewart, who also posted his slides for "What Spiritual Gifts Can I Use?" (also includes slides for last week's lesson since Bible Study classes in our Church did not meet last week).


Dennis said...

For Gary Payne,

Dude...your slides are great! They are a great tool for getting the juices flowing when I get stuck in building my own outline.

God Bless you in what is obviously a labor of love and devotion to accurately handling the truths of scripture.


Gary Payne said...

Comments like yours make it all worth it. Preparing a weekly lesson is a labor of love for the glory of God. I am so glad you can use them Dennis.

Dennis said...

I just looked at your blog and bio and all I can say is, 'Oh my!'

I can't believe I used "Dude" to address a judge. My sincere apologies, sir! If my son or daughter addressed you in such a casual manner, I would have words with them. I failed to hold myself to that same standard.

Trying to give honor to whom honor is due,

Dennis Wofford

albina N muro said...
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