Thursday, September 19, 2013

Salvation Offered, John 3:1-36

I've posted my PowerPoint slides for Sunday's lesson from John 3, "Salvation Offered", where Jesus meets with Nicodemus, who is troubled about the idea of being born again.

In my lesson, I plan to play a video of the scene of Nicodemus meeting Jesus in an olive garden. I put together this clip from the movie, "Jesus of Nazareth" by Franco Zeffirelli. I plan to ask my class to contrast the video with the account in John 3 and to pay close attention to how Nicodemus expresses his troubled heart. What can we learn from his questions?

As a treat, Monty Lee, who teaches a senior adult class at First Baptist Church of Westcliffe, Colorado sent me his slides for the lesson "Salvation Offered". He has two versions, one for Apple Keynote users, and another for PowerPoint users. Please welcome Monty to the blog site, and thank him for his willingness to minister in this way.


Lane Dossett said...

Thanks for the video clip. Added just a little extra to the class to take it to the top! Welcome Monty!

servingHim said...

You're welcome Lane! I played the video twice and ask the class to contrast the video with John 3:1-16. Worked well to get them into the Word.