Monday, March 31, 2008

When others hate you, Genesis 37-38

This lesson begins our study of the last great person of focus in the book of Genesis—Joseph. It is based on Genesis 37-38 and titled “When Others Hate You,” by Donald Raney. His comments mention “dysfunctional families.”

Likewise, Russ Rosser of Carmel Baptist Church in Matthews, NC, offers a lesson plan for “When Others Hate You,” with specific teachings about “dysfunctional families”. For example, he covers various types of parents including those who are defficient, controlling, abusive, and alcoholic. He discusses how these parental types might impact children, and how their negative effects can be overcome. What you may find useful is a questionnaire that members can use privately (if you offer it as a handout) to assess how they might be affected.

You could start the class by asking members to name ways to make an enemy. Write the list on a marker board as they call them out. Here is a starter list as a suggestion:

- If you are the favorite of the boss, be sure and let others know it.
- File a lawsuit against a neighbor, or co-worker.
- Tell someone who works for you that he/she is a ‘little person’.
- Falsely accuse someone,or lie about them to others. Make sure they know it was you.
- Cheat someone in a business deal.
- Blame a problem on someone else in the organization when it was really your fault.
- Brag to your family that you make more money than they do, or that you live in a bigger house.


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