Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Lesson plan strategy

One strategy for teaching a given background passage is to look at examples of how other people have successfully taught it and copy their approach. We do this when we teach the suggested plan from Lifeway, for example. Jeff Meyer of Bayleaf Baptist structured his teaching plan for “Persevering Faith” along these lines as did Floria Perez of Second Baptist in her lesson help. I like Jeff’s opening suggestion and Floria understanding of the Israelite organization/structure.

Another strategy is to use elements of a plan, such as the Life Goal suggested by Lifeway, and then structure your plan around it. Gary Payne of Henderson Hills Baptist uses the Lifeway aim “to help adults persevere in their faith in God” for his lesson, “Persevering Faith.” In his PowerPoint slides, Gary focuses on the issue of route taken by the Israelites.

I’m still studying, thinking and praying about the approach I’ll take this week. I may use Bob Deffinbaugh’s article as a basis for my PPT slides and put the focus on how God ultimately deals with His enemies (as opposed to a believer’s persevering faith). If nothing else, you have to like his opening story!

If you have a suitable plan developed for teaching Exodus 13, 14 in a Southern Baptist Church, let us know about it.

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