Thursday, March 25, 2010

PPT slides for "Persevering Faith," Exodus 13:1-15:20

I struggle sometimes to stick precisely with the Lifeway lesson, and this week I decided to cover most of the verses in Exodus 14. I hope you find the individual slide notes useful and the slides for “Persevering Faith” helpful. If needed, it is easy to cull the few extra slides I added.

A word of caution: I prepared one slide with a map that can be used to convey your understanding of the route Israel followed during the Exodus (it has no routes on it). I plan to point out the possible routes using a cool PowerPoint feature in presentation mode, called a pointer highlighter. In preparing my thoughts on  Exodus routes I read about recent archaeological discoveries (chariot wheel photos), the real location of Mt Sinai (Saudi Arabia), and a route far different from the traditional understanding (Nuweiba beach). I think good science requires confirmation of results by independent researchers, which is not the case in these purported new discoveries. If you present any of these new ideas, I would caution again being dogmatic since the true route is not known.

P.S. Co-teacher Randy Stewart also made his PPT slides available for "Persevering Faith." Also, you might consider comparing a hard heart to a hard-boiled egg that stops spinning (see this video).

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