Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Does Your Life Speak Well of God?, Romans 15:1-16:23

Gary Payne graciously made his slides available for the lesson, "Does Your Life Speak Well of God?", based on Romans 15:1-13

My slides for teaching this same passage in Feb, 2006 are in a lesson called, "Glorify God". My “Glorify God” lesson had mixed impact. The Scripture puzzle was too complex and the examples I selected for the “subject/verb” disagreements were too difficult. While many people told me afterwards that the lesson made them think, I was disappointed that the puzzle was the focus of people’s thoughts rather than the Scripture passage. All the material should reinforce the Scripture passage, not detract from it. That was my mistake.

You can read my ideas for teaching this passage of Romans by clicking the following links to daily blog posts.

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