Monday, August 25, 2008

Rome: Facing Limitations, Acts 27:1-28:31

Our final lesson from Acts is “Rome: Facing Limitations”, and it’s based on Acts 27:1-28:31. The word, “limitations” immediately reminded me of the Dirty Harry line, “A man’s got to know his limitations” in the movie Magnum Force. Paul seemed to not know any limitation when it came to sharing the gospel.

Bob Deffinbaugh’s commentary on Acts 28 is interesting because he asks a key question, “What is its message for us?” He concludes, rather interestingly, “It is about the advance of the gospel.” I urge you to read Bob’s comments since they helped me set a context for the lesson focus selected by Lifeway.

To start the lesson with the idea of advancing despite limitations, consider sharing the story of Ed McGuire, author of “The Little Light Bulb”.


Popnre said...

Thanks, I was only referred to you last week so I have not had the occasion to see very much. I will be checking in each week. HH-Magnolia, AR

servingHim said...

Hey, we always love it when a new visitor stops by. Don't limit yourself to once a week though! And be sure to share any ideas you have for teaching the lesson. We all need the help!

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