Monday, April 20, 2009

The Lord is Compassionate, Isaiah 54:1-17

I read the material for “The Lord is Compassionate,” our lesson this week from Isaiah 54:1-17. The life impact of the lesson is “to help adults maintain a close fellowship with the Lord.” A Christian’s positional fellowship with the Lord is guaranteed, so instead of the idea of closeness, I suggest you consider the idea of “conscious fellowship with the Lord.” See 1 John 1:5-2:2 and think about what it means to live in conscious fellowship with the Lord versus "walking in darkness," or living unconscious of God in your life.

With this in mind, have you had an absent-minded driving experience where you suddenly become aware that you are further down the road than you thought, and you realize you've been driving unconsciously? Relate this to living in conscious fellowship with God. As a help to maintain interest, share parts of a story on how absent-minded drivers take their toll.


Cathy Baker said...

Great insight! I had similar thoughts today but found it difficult to "nail down" exactly how to pull it all together. What's really funny is that I found myself in one of those "absent-minded" modes last week and when I realized what had happened, I jotted it down to use for a future lesson. Your post nailed it! Thank you.

servingHim said...

Thanks Cathy, I was hoping the post was not too much of stretch. Like many Christians, I sometimes live absent-mindedly in unconscious fellowship with the Lord. Thank God, He is faithful! Thanks for saying hello, Ronnie