Friday, April 24, 2009

Seeing ahead

Isaiah wrote in Chapter 54 of things that would not come to pass for more than a hundred years and beyond. The people of Judah could see no evidence of what Isaiah prophesied.

This reminded me of when I once hiked a trail on a dark night using a flashlight. Everything outside the beam of the light was invisible to me. There was no evidence of a trail, for example, beyond the light where I could see. I had no idea what was ahead. Nevertheless, I pushed on and eventually made it to the camping spot.

The Lord is not visible to us moment-by-moment as we walk the trail of life (He is “outside the light” where we can see). So we tend to put him out-of-mind and live absent-mindedly of Him. However, His Word is "a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path". Using it I can see the blessings ahead. As Bible teachers we want to help class members use the Word like a flashlight and see God's glorious future for believers. I updated my slides again today.

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Anonymous said...

The photography works so well with this lesson...thanks for all your work!