Monday, April 27, 2009

The Invitation is Inclusive, Isaiah 55

Well, this week you’ll have to decide between teaching an outline of the final 12 chapters of Isaiah (55 thru 66), or focus on Isaiah 55:1-13 and leave the rest for another day. For Isaiah 55, the LifeWay lesson title is “The Invitation is Inclusive”.

We have studied the same focal passage on May 14, 2006 (starting in a blog entry called A special for sure. Click the “Newer Post” link on the bottom, left side of each post to advance to the next day’s post).

Without modification, I posted my PPT slides for that lesson: “Accept God’s Free Offer”. May they be a blessing to you this week as you prepare.


Sheryl said...

Thank you so much for your slides. They always help me.

Rittenhouse said...

I made another power point with visuals and translations from the New International Reader's version, as most of the people in my Sunday School class are not native users of English. The link is if anyone else is able to use it.

servingHim said...

You're welcome Sheryl!

And thanks Patricia for making your slides available. The slides have a good lead into the lesson as well s some good applications.

Appreciate both of you,

Donna said...

I used the slides they were great, do you have anything on Micah for this coming week? I found your site by google I was searching for anything on Micah do you have any lesson plans, object lessons slides
Thanks for your help

servingHim said...


I'll try to blog about this week's lesson, but as an early start, you might want to read Jeff Meyer's lesson plan from Bayleaf Baptist Church.

I'm glad you liked the slides!