Monday, May 04, 2009

Rebellion: A Path to Ruin, Micah 1:1-2:13

The first lesson from Micah 1-2, titled “Rebellion: A Path to Ruin” foretells a coming judgment of Judah (chp1) for a number of reasons: rebellion, exploitation, oppression, adherence to false teachings, etc. (chps and 3).

Micah anticipates Judah’s argument for a way out of the judgment (chp 6:6-7) . Lately there has been lots of news about buyouts of American companies in trouble. As individuals, how to we buy our way out of judgment (consequences of unwise or ungodly decisions)?

For example, we can prevent a ticket from showing up on our record if we will take a course in defensive driving. Fees are a means for buying our way out of just about everything you can think of: 20 fees to avoid.

In short, consider starting the lesson with a discussion of how people want to buy their way out of trouble. That is, if there is a way out. Praise be to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, believers do not get what they deserve.


Anonymous said...

This week, I want to open with an ice-breaker of quick activity that would get my class thinking of the topic "rebellion"... can anyone suggest something that would cause/lead the participates of the activity to want to rebel inside that icebreaker? That could easily lead to conversation of how easily we sometimes rebel against God's plan for our lives, simply because we want to "get ahead" or "take the easy road".

servingHim said...

I suspect that participation in any activity you do will me attended to by some more than others. Labeling those that have less participation may put them on the spot, however?

What age do you teach?