Monday, May 11, 2009

Corruption: A Path to Nowhere, Micah 3:1-12

Yesterday co-teacher Curt did an outstanding job introducing the book the Micah, which uses puns in the first chapter. He illustrated a pun using an oilman’s joke. Why do all the drug addicts in New Orleans want to work on offshore rigs? Answer: The rigs need pushers, there’s lots of dope, and the joints are all 40’ long. He went on to explain the important role of a tool pusher on a rig, the dope used to join pipe segments, and the typical length of pipe is 40’.

I can’t wait to see how co-teacher Randy tops that this week when we study the lesson titled, “Corruption: A Path to Nowhere,” based on Micah 3. For me, verse 3:11 holds the key to understanding the ancient Israelites. In view of their corrupt behavior, why did they believe the Lord would protect them (Jer 7:4)?

Jeff Meyer labels this phenomenon as a false sense of security. Perhaps you can illustrate this using this article on a false sense of security. After the depression investors have believed that regulation on the financial system prevented corrupt schemes, and so conned, they gave their money to corrupt managers like Bernard Madoff.

Were the people of Israel and Judah conned by their religious and political leaders?

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