Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Food preservatives

Dan Kassis, Internet Producer at Lifeway, suggests opening the lesson: “Corruption: A Path to Nowhere,” by having members share a time when they encountered spoiled food.

To add interest to the lesson, consider taking this suggestion a bit further in Step 4. What causes food to spoil? Some answers can be found here. Draw a parallel between the agents that cause food to spoil and those who pervert what is right given in Micah 3:9-12.

An important question is, how can we preserve food? The last two slides of the reference lists a number of methods. Again, draw a parallel between preserving food and the important question, how can Christians please God? For example, holding to ethical standards might be equivalent to “adding salt or sugar” to preserve food. Or, “Ionizing radiation” might equate to reading and studying the Bible.

Show a list of preservation methods and ask members to think about which one best applies as an analogy of a help that enables them to please God?

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