Monday, May 25, 2009

Commitment: A Path to Effectiveness, Micah 7:1-20

My lesson Sunday was well received. I knew the Lord used the preparation because the truth of His word was proclaimed. The PPT slides I used have been downloaded 129 times so far. I hope some of you were able to effectively use them.

This week’s lesson from Micah 7 is “Commitment: A Path to Effectiveness,” (Mark Rathel gave it a different title). I wonder if preachers today identify with Micah 7:1 when they are faithful to deliver God’s word, but likewise find no evidence of repentance among their congregations?

As I read the background passage, it occurred to me to use Micah’s action of searching in 7:1 as a way to start off the lesson. We all use Internet search engines to quickly locate relevant results. However, we have all experienced times when our searches returned lots of results, but none were useful. Like Micah, our search yielded no fruit. Show a PPT slide of a Google front page to get started.

Instead our search may return everything but what we looked for. Micah experienced that. He looked for repentance. Instead he found no one who trusted and followed the Lord. Judges demanded bribes, children rebelled against their parents, and neither close friends nor spouses could be trusted.

To strengthen this idea of using search as an analogy, Micah later refers to watchmen—individuals who could see a coming judgment on the people for their sin, and in verse 7, Micah looks to the Lord.

If you find a better idea than using ‘search’ as a analogy for kicking off the lesson, please post a comment so we can all benefit from the insight the Lord has given you.

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