Monday, July 06, 2009

Be Responsible, Galatians 6:1-18

The LifeWay Adult Leader Guide suggests opening this week’s lesson, “Be Responsible” (from Galatians 6:1-18) with a discussion of the issue of why many prisoners end up back in prison after being released. According to a Wikipedia article, it’s because they find it difficult to fit into a normal life.

The parallel, I think, are Christians who are released into the freedom of Christ by salvation, but find it too hard to live the Christian life. So they end up returning to a former way of life (i.e. a lifestyle of bondage to sin). This is a good opening. However, some people may not get the connection because they refuse to identify with prisoners.

The above approach represents one alternative--a beginning and a failure. Another alternative is to open the lesson with a beginning and followed by continuous improvement. For example, discussion of someone (or thing) that experiences a new birth (or new beginning), and from there continues to improve on to maturity (with needed improvements and maintenance along the way). A new golfer that continues to improve might be a good illustration.

Another example is a remodeled old home; that’s a new beginning. Over time it may need maintenance and makeovers (or improvements). Similarily, Christians need to improve over time, too. Hence, this Bible study lesson.

Another example is a new technology product, such as the new Apple iPhone 3GS. Its introduction is a new beginning, but Apple will have to continue updating it for it to remain competitive. The same is true for some Christians. To remain at the top of their game, they will need to improve based on what they learn in Bible study. hence, this lesson from Galatians.


Anonymous said...

Steep decline in ex-offenders' probability of re-offending

The longer people can hold on to living crime free, the less chance they have of falling back into crime. Sounds simple but...

servingHim said...

I read the article and some of the comments. Looks like good news, but more details are needed. Thanks for sharing it!