Wednesday, July 01, 2009

How well do you follow directions?

The LifeWay Adult Leader guide pictures the struggle between flesh and Spirit as a civil war. Paul pictured it as Battle of the Mind in Romans 12:2. We all have a worldview—mostly trained by popular media. Even though we are a new creation in Christ, we filter every input thru our worldview. However, our minds must be transformed to think from a Biblical perspective (like God thinks). As a man thinks, so he is. When we obey the Word, the Holy Spirit uses it to transform our thinking.

How do you plan to illustrate Step 2? I don’t see it as “walking behind the Spirit.” Rather, I see it as being alert and responsive to the Spirit's personal guidance in my life.

Going back to the analogy of a personal navigation system, do we listen to the Spirit, or ignore Him?

You may consider using a “test of people’s ability to follow directions” given on slide 10 of my PPT slides for the lesson, “Aspire to Walk With God,” taught in Dec, 2007.


Character Education said...

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servingHim said...

Thanks! I have a wicked travel agenda through Nov 16, and Lord willing I can return to posting afterwards.