Wednesday, August 26, 2009

How to live with confidence, James 5:1-11, 13-20

There is nothing better to create doubt and destroy confidence than sinful behavior. The lexicon tab on the page for James 5:14 shows that the Greek word astheneo, rendered as “sick” can also be translated as “weak.” If verse 13 is taken to cover those troubled with sickness (they should pray), then the discouraged in verse 14 may refer to those who are spiritually or morally weak (inclined to sinful behavior). James may be instructing morally weak believers to not only pray but to also call on the elders to pray for them to be delivered (made well).

To help you teach this week’s lesson, “How to live with confidence,” consider the PPT slides created by Randy Stewart for a lesson he taught last year from James 5. The deck also includes a summary of the lessons from James.

I like the opening question of the lesson plan offered by First Baptist, Chester, IL. “Where will you be in five years? What will you be doing? How sure or how confident are you about your future? Why? Explain this old adage; “If you lie down with dogs, you will wake up with fleas.”

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