Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Making the invisible visible

Jeff Meyers posted a copy of Thomas Constable’s commentary on James (see here for all of Constable’s commentaries). I encourage you to read p.28-30 in preparation to teach James 2:14 for the lesson, “Show Me Your Faith.”

The lesson commentary by David Self at First Baptist, Houston is also useful. He includes a chart contrasting Paul and James, and comments specifically on James 2:14.

I really like analogizing faith as love and corresponding works as body language in the lesson commentary by Leroy Fenton, South Prong Baptist Church, Waxahachie. I liken this to a couple in love (invisible) getting married (visible display of their love).

If you think about it, wind (faith) is invisible, but it has very visible results (works). A microscope (works) makes the invisible (faith), visible. Lastly, an invisible man is made visible by his clothing.

These ideas are summarized in a slide like the following.

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