Monday, August 03, 2009

Show Me Your Faith, James 2:14-26

To get started preparing the lesson, “Show me your faith,” based on James 2:14-26, I made PowerPoint slides for LifeWay’s suggested teaching plan. I added a few visual aids to help the presentation, and used the NIV translation, but otherwise I did not change their plan.

There may be issues with their interpretation of this focal passage from James. For example, it interprets the use of faith in the focal passage as saving faith, or faith leading to one's ultimate righteousness before God. However, other interpreters see James as writing to Christians, and his use of the word save referenced a deliverance from a judgment of works.

This passage requires the hard work of understanding the author’s meaning. How do you plan to present the meaning of these verses? I'm still praying about it. May God give us all spiritual wisdom and understanding this week!

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