Monday, November 30, 2009

How Can Jesus Help Me, Mark 1:1-45

The lesson “How Can Jesus Help Me?” is the first in a series of lessons based on the Gospel according to Mark. How to introduce the first lesson is typically not an issue since time is devoted to introducing the book (of Mark in this case).

The Lifeway material suggests an introduction which includes a question asking members to share qualities of “their favorite childhood superhero”. More important to me is the introduction in Jeff Meyer’s lesson plan. It focuses on the issue of the relevance of God’s Word, or Jesus in people’s lives today.

Dr. Meyer’s point can be followed with the idea that even believers overlook how Jesus can help them in today’s world. There lies the challenge of this lesson. How to motivate people in your class to seek Jesus Christ and His Word for help in their lives?

Perhaps introduce the lesson with the question “What are the most overlooked verses in the Bible?” You may not agree with that list (or this list), but the point is not the list as much as the fact that we overlook verses in the Bible that can be a help to us.

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