Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Passport Identification

Step 2 of the lesson “Obey God’s Word” uses the various terms for “Scripture” found in Psalm 119:1-8 to emphasize the importance of living the Word. One of the terms, “decrees,” has a root meaning “to bear witness.” We bear witness as we live out the Word daily.

This reminded me of how God created us in His image to be little image bearers. Ultimately, His plan is for us to be conformed to the likeness of His Son.

The past two months, I’ve travel abroad twice and relied on my US Passport as identification many times during these trips. This reliance was tested as each Passport Control Officer examined it for validity and compared the image it contained to me. There better be a match!

God’s Word is like a passport for me as a child of God. It declares who I am as a believer and I must bear witness to the image it contains of a Christian. Consider taking your passport to class and using it as an object lesson, or use your driver’s license as an alternative.


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jani3705 said...

You were missed!

servingHim said...

Thank you both! It is good to have a place to come back to! Especially one where I am welcome :-)

I plan to teach the opening lesson of Mark and I am excited about that!


Anonymous said...

I am also glad you are back. Check your blog every week while preparing to teach my class.