Friday, November 27, 2009

I'd see that again!

Regarding teaching Step 4 of the lesson, “Obey God’s Word,” I had an experience this week with one of my son-n-laws. We saw a movie together, and as we left the theater, he said, “I’d see that again!

People often return to the theater to see a movie multiple times. For example, I’ve read that people, who saw the movie Titanic, saw it an average of 4 times.

Ask members to name movies they have enjoyed seeing. Follow that by asking what movies they have seen more than once. You can carry it one step further by asking who buys DVDs of favorite movies. I suppose we do that to view it again and again at our convenience.

The Psalmist writing Psalm 119:12-16 treated God’s Word as a positive experience that he repeatedly read. Studying it was a joy to him (14, 16). He did not forget it either. He meditated on it and memorized it. How can you help your class make a commitment to personally study God’s Word?

P.S. Growing up, one of my daughters read the Trixie Belden books. She’d often read the books multiple times. I think you can use books instead of movies in your discussion.

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