Monday, May 03, 2010

How do you contribute?, Exodus 35-40

Yesterday's lesson went much better the second time I taught it. Why? First time was as a guest teacher in another class, and the slides about Peter were distracting. Sometimes as a teacher, I get too clever. I need to remind myself to not only keep the lesson biblically based, but to also to be interesting, relevant, and clear. Sometimes the effort to make it interesting undermines the the goal to make it clear. I'm sure I am not alone in doing this!

This week we wrap up the lesson series on Exodus with one called, "How do you contribute?" based on chapters 35 through 40. The link points to commentary by David Self of First Baptist, Houston. I recommend it because you can always count on David to generate a well thought out commentary. I used it at the last minute yesterday to summarize chapter 33, for example.

To create interest Sunday, I'm considering starting the lesson with an animation about the tabernacle. I might do a demo from iLumina since I own the software. As an alternative, I might use one of a number of videos about the tabernacle that can be found on Youtube. For lack of time, I  haven't picked one in particular to recommend. The first minute of this one might do for our lesson, but the source troubles me.

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