Friday, May 28, 2010

PPT slides for, "Show Others Godly Grace," Leviticus 23:1-27:34

As I mentioned in the previous post, my PowerPoint slides this week are different in style and content this week from what I traditionally use (we are meeting in a new classroom).

For example, I normally use pictures, but none are in these slides. I typically include the focal passages on the slides, but not in these. Lastly, I usually include "transition slides" for introductory purposes and  to help move between lesson steps, but not in these.

Essentially, I prepared to teach with minimal slide support (if any) since I may find that the relatively small HD monitors are a learning impediment in a large room.

Nevertheless, I recommend the slides to you since they contain a summary of the Hebrew Feasts from a Christian perspective as well as provide some basic structure to a lesson based on Leviticus 23:1-27:34. Be sure and look at the slide notes since some contain helpful tips.

God bless!

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