Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Show Others Godly Grace, Leviticus 25:8-22, 35-38

I'm teaching this week in a new classroom. The old room had a large projection screen, but the new one has two HD monitors that serve each side of a wide space. PowerPoint font's can't be any smaller than 24 points, and black-on-white text is best for reading. I say all this since it will impact my slides.

Gary Payne posted his slides for "Show Others Godly Grace," from Leviticus 25:8-22, 35-38. I like Gary's reference to the inscription from Leviticus on the Liberty Bell.

Jeff Meyer posted his plan, too. His suggested opening (using the number 50) is very appealing.

Since Monday is Memorial Day, another possible opening for the lesson is to mention Memorial Day and what it means, but then ask members to name other special days they celebrate. Make a list of these and note their meaning. I'll lead with one of these suggestions then jump next into Leviticus 23 with a slide summarizing the feast days prescribed by God.

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