Wednesday, September 08, 2010

True or False

If you are preparing to teach Sunday's lesson, “God’s Plan Involves Power,” read Eph 1:20-23 and then try your hand at marking the following statements as True or False.

1. At God’s right hand is a chair and Jesus presence in heaven is best thought of as Him sitting in that chair.

2. Heaven is the same place as what we now call “outer space.”

3. Jesus is eternally superior to any angelic power hierarchy.

4. Man’s “greatest title” bestowed now or in eternity is inferior to that already belonging to Jesus, the Christ.

5. The church is not an institution but an organism.

6. The body of believers, the church, is filled with Christ.

7. Christ Jesus is the appointed head over all church buildings.

Thanks to Jeff Meyer’s commentary for inspiring these questions (but I take blame for any misinterpretation they may contain).

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