Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Blind to seven deadly sins

In “When Tangled in Sin,” Mark Rathel parallels the “invitation for judgment” of Nathan’s parable told to King David and that of the parables told by Jesus. He mentions our propensity to judge the sins of others more harshly than we judge our own, and he hit home, when he noted, “An individual with an intention to sin can always find a rationalization for sin.” For example, see 1 Samuel 15:24. Saul confessed his sin, but also justified it.

Step 2 of the lesson encourages us to confront our sin. We all have physical blind spots, and this article mentions how we are “blind to our own sin.” The article also discusses Seven Deadly Sins(about a fourth of the way down the page). I’m thinking of mentioning these sins in my discussion to help members confront their sin.

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