Monday, November 24, 2008

When Considering Matters of Life and Death

To help focus attention each week on what the key verses teach, co-teacher Curt and I almost always offer an alternate lesson title to what LifeWay suggests. For example, I titled the lesson, “When Tangled in Sin” to a more direct message of “Love God’s Word and Obey It.”

How would you alternately title this week’s lesson, “When Considering Matters of Life and Death?” It’s the last in our series from 2 Samuel, and is based on chapters 21-24.

Mark Rathel named it “David the Worshiper.” Judi Page titled it, “Reflecting on the past.” Sonshine labeled it, “Closing the Life of David.”

To answer this question, I pray for God to help me understand what the background passage teaches. Then I read it, and write a single sentence describing what I think it teaches. Then I work at shortening this sentence to use as few words as possible while retaining the direct message. Please click the comment link below and tell us your alternate title for this week's lesson.

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