Wednesday, September 23, 2009

God is good, Psalm 135:1-4

In step 2 of the lesson, “God is Great,” verses 1-4 of Psalm 135 indicate we should praise God because He is good. Sometimes when you are teaching a passage like this, you can take the opportunity to teach a correlating truth found in another part of Scripture.

For example, Psalm 105 in last Sunday’s lesson mentioned Abraham’s descendants. I took the opportunity to teach the truth of Rom 4:16 to help listeners apply the verses personally.

This week, you could teach the correlating truth that Jesus is good, too. Relate Mark 10:18 and ask if Jesus was teaching that he is not good? Explain there is difference between man’s standard of goodness and God’s standard (see this link), and that Jesus as God is good.

As an alternative, perhaps you can take an opportunity to teach about how the temple was structured. Its courts and are mentioned in Psalm 135:2. How was the temple organized to bring praise to God? As God’s temple today, how should Christians praise God?

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