Friday, September 25, 2009

God is the Greatest, Psalm 135:13-18

Step 4 of the lesson, “God is Great,” calls attention to the lifelessness of idols. Images made by man can’t speak, see, or hear because they are dead.

One of the great mysteries of science is the origin of life, but some scientists expect to create life within 10 ten years. Others think man has already created life. I suspect this frontier is a quest for greatness. Imagine how a secular world might glorify a scientist who is able to create life. His or her renown as the greatest would be sealed for generations to come.

His/Herwork would be quickly extended by others to create communicating life forms that could signal information and receive messages. Eventually engineers would be able scale up and animate these life forms in ways that would be visible to ordinary people. These creatures would be idolized for the functions they perform. Eventually they too would be idolized by humans because Romans 1:20-23 is true.

However, because these creations can be totally understood by the human mind they are not God. He is the greatness that no one can fathom (Psa 145:3).

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