Wednesday, December 09, 2009

And you call yourself a Christian?

Step 3 of the lesson, “What Does Jesus’ Call Mean for Me?, is based on Mark 2:18-22, which includes peoples’ reactions to Jesus. Their questions to him revealed expectations of Him.

Yesterday in Little Rock, I watched a news report of a public board meeting where an audience member questioned the actions of the board. To underscore his disapproval of the board he asserted, “And some of you call yourselves Christian!”

To continue the idea of ‘expectations’, consider asking class members the meaning of the question, “And you call yourself a Christian?” Ask members to identify potential misconceptions inherent in the mind of the questioner.

Ask members to listen to this statement as you read it, and comment on the writer’s expectations. Then read Mark 2:18 and ask members to identify the expectations people had of Jesus.

He did not respond as they expected, however. He was determined to serve, not just act according to tradition.

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