Thursday, December 31, 2009

Given authority

As I gained experience in the corporate world, I also gained responsibilities. For example, on occasions when my boss had to make business trips out of the country, I was given his executive authority via a document signed by each of us. Normally, this involved handling pretty routine matters—signing travel requests, approving personnel actions, or equipment purchases. Occasionally, however, I had to attend meetings for him that required me to make a commitment of resources from our department. Typically, a project manager would receive direction in a strategic business meeting. It was an awesome responsibility to alter a project involving many people and millions of dollars using the authority that had been given to me.

Based on this experience, I can imagine other situations where authority is given and exercised. For example, a new police officer is sworn in and given authority to arrest a fellow citizen. Imagine how he or she feels making that first arrest!

Jesus gave the disciples authority to drive out demons. Imagine the responsibility they felt as they exercised his authority!

Ask class members to relate an example of when they were given authority (no matter how small).

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patkritt said...

You may already be aware of this neat overview chart of Mark, but I thought I'd share the link. We've been viewing parts of it during each lesson.