Thursday, December 24, 2009

Unusual building

Dr. Sam Tullock begins his commentary with serious, heartfelt questions regarding the subject raised by the title of the lesson, “Is God Still Working in the World?” His questions may not trouble you, but I’m sure there are members in your class who have wondered about the same issues. Dr. Tullock doesn’t attempt to answer the questions he raises. Have you heard a good response to why prayer goes unanswered and the existence of evil?

On a lighter note, FBC, Chester, IL posted its question-based lesson plan. I like the opening question regarding a preference for working alone, or with the help of others.

As to how to teach this lesson, I still think the best approach is to first discuss the meaning of the phrase, “the Kingdom of God,” and then work thru the meaning of each of the parables in Mark 4 to help clarify the definition. Illustrate the Kingdom as an unusual building (at Futuroscope) with different sides (looks different based on one’s perspective).

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