Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Mark 13 in pictures

While studying the Gospel of John last night, I had an idea for how to teach Mark 13 and the lesson, "When you feel overwhelmed."

The idea was to present the text in a series of pictures. I searched the web, and you can stitch together a disconnected set of images concerning each passage, or you can use a series of pictures like this one.

It's actually pretty cool. Give the author credit, which is Brendan Powell Smith, and he calls it the Brick Testament.

What I would do is place each image on a PPT slide and I would also stick to the verses in Mark rather than make references to other verses on the slides as he does.

Let me know if you need help making PPT slides of his pictures.


Anonymous said...

Unique approach, although time constraints prohibit using all 21 of the pictures... tryig to pare them down for a 40-minute presentation. Thanks.

servingHim said...

I agree. Perhaps just show the ones that directly correspond to the verses in Mark 13?

One other thought I've had is to insert a few real pictures of Jerusalem today (one showing temple remains). This should create a lasting image.