Tuesday, February 02, 2010

When Your Priorities are Challenged, Mark 12:13-17, 28-34

The lesson title this week is "When Your Priorities are Challenged." Its focus is taken from Mark 12:13-17, 28-34.

Perhaps a way to get your class involved in the lesson is to begin by asking them, "Name some things you 'had to' do this past week?" The emphasis is on "had to". Make a note of things people mention. "I had to go to work." "I had to go to a funeral." "I had to renew my drivers license." "I had to pay my taxes." etc.

After that discussion, ask members another question. "What did you 'get to' do this week?" Put the emphasis on "get to". The gig is over at this point they will catch on and may clam up. Some may mention a few things like "Baby sit the grandkids," "Attend church," or "Take a friend to the doctor," but the key is the first question exposes our typical mindset. Ask rhetorically, "Are you a 'have to' person, or a 'get to' person?"

You can close your introduction and get into the lesson, by asking members the question, "What is your mindset about your obligations to God, to government, to others?" That's the focus of this lesson.


Anonymous said...

I follow your blog each week and find it useful. I teach an adult couples class in a Baptist church and do all of my lessons in powerpoint. I would be happy to send some of them to you...gpaynelaw@aol.com.

servingHim said...

Glad you find the site useful. And thanks too for the offer of posting your slides.

You can get a free online storage account at www.box.net (same site I use).

Upload your slides to that site and then “share” the file on box.net.

You will get a URL which is a link to the file.

Publish the URL as a comment on the blog.

Box.net gives you a total number of downloads of the file.

I suggest posting it by Friday, or Saturday morning at the latest.

Thanks for being willing to share your lesson plan with other teachers!