Thursday, February 04, 2010

What's your mindset?

The Lifeway material presents the lesson, "When Priorities are Challenged," in a time-management context. I'm not saying that's not an issue, but managing overly busy lives is not the focus of Mark 12:13-17, 28-34.

Those trying to trap Jesus wanted to put him on the "horns of a dilemma"-- a place where regardless of his answer he would be open to further accusation. Jesus skillfully moved away from the issue being paying or not paying taxes to the priority of meeting both obligations -- to God and to government.

Where in our lives do we face such dilemmas? For example, should a young mother take a job or stay at home? Either way some element of modern society will judge her. Should a sports-minded individual pay for cable TV in order to receive desired sports channels and along with them offensive programming on other channels, or not and miss some fun sports events? Should a high school kid make a choice that will gain some friendships, perhaps some not with the best character, or stay at home and play video games alone?

Anyway, I thought the lesson passage was teaching that we should be priority minded--that is, meet our obligations first regardless of what the resource issue is--time, money, talent, energy, etc.

Perhaps a way to start talking about "mindset" is to ask the class to match the opposites in the following list:

1. Broad Minded A. Weak Minded
2. Double Minded B. Closed Minded
3. Strong Minded C. Earthly Minded
4. Spiritually Minded D. Narrow Minded
5. Open Minded E. Single Minded

Then ask which mindset best characterizes their perspective:

I. Literal minded
II. Money minded
III. Tough minded
IV. Career minded
V. Mission minded
VI. Business minded
VII. Priority minded

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