Monday, February 15, 2010

When You Have Difficult Decisions, Mark 14:1-72

Bible lessons are grounded in Scripture, but the message should also be clear and relevant.

In addition, the lesson should be interesting. This usually requires a degree of creativity.

What creative ideas do you have for teaching the lesson, "When You Have Difficult Decisions"?

Perhaps you can share your ideas as a guest blogger on this site? I'm open to the idea!

As an example (and one that is relevant to this week's lesson), read a post by a guest blogger, Two Questions To Ask Yourself Before Making A Difficult Decision.

I suggest using these two questions to open your lesson on Sunday, then ask class members to critique the two questions.

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Anonymous said...

The questions reflect wonderful insight in an approach to living. Reflects in part a segment of the Hippocratic Oath... "do no harm". Thanks for the suggestion.