Friday, January 29, 2010

PPT slides for "How to Be Successful," Mark 10:32-45

I uploaded my PowerPoint slides for "How to Be Successful," a lesson on how a Christian can take up his/her cross based on Mark 10:32-45. I made a few notes on the some of the slides to help you understand how I plan to present them.

I didn't create an overview slide for Chapter 10, or a slide relating the healing of Bartimaeus to the lesson. You may not like the plan I developed. In either case, consider Jon Klubnik's lesson from Houston's Second Baptist as an alternative.

May God bless our classes this Sunday as we teach His Word. What a privilege!


Monty said...

Box says "This shared file or folder has been removed."

servingHim said...

Thanks Monty. It should be fixed now.