Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A different aim

This week's lesson, "How to Get Along With Others," is challenging. For a different take on the same verses (Mark 9:33-50), see "The Sovereign's View of First," by Karen Conner, from Second Baptist, Houston.

Her lesson aim is "To examine different scenarios where great courage was needed, see the response, and see what Christ desired so that we can grasp towards the same." This is different from the aim of the Lifeway lesson, which is to "Help adults strive to get along better w/other people."

Do you plan to mention the term Servant Leader? It was used in the lesson material posted by Jeff Meyer.


Monty said...

Here is the rough outline in ppt slides for the January 24 lesson-How to Get along with Others. I'll try and update it later with additional commentary.

Monty said...

I thought the material "The Sovereign's View of First," by Karen Conner was outstanding. I'm incorporating some of it in my lesson. Great insight.

Monty said...

Went skiing today and it is impossible to not see God when surrounded by such majesty and beauty. What a beautiful world God created.

So I didn't get a lot of supplemental slides done, but I did update my ppt slides to include material from "The Sovereign’s View of First by Karen Conner.