Monday, January 04, 2010

Site update

I haven't posted a site update since the update in 2008.

Increase in site traffic slowed in 2009 since I traveled much of the year and didn't blog most of Oct and Nov. This reduction can be seen in the following chart from

Nevertheless, I'm excited that you continue to come to the site, and I'm praying more teachers will find it useful. I'm excited that some of you are taking time to also post your lesson ideas and PowerPoint slides. The Lord is good.

I'm teaching "How to Develop Your Faith" on Jan 10, so I look forward to posting this week as we study Mark 7 & 8. Join in when you can and comment with your ideas to help all of us teach a better lesson.


Herb said...

Allow me to insure you that your efforts have been a blessing to me over the past few years. I never comment because I really don't think I have enough to offer. But I do thank you for your efforts. I will be one that continues to garner ideas from you and your co-workers.

servingHim said...

Thanks Herb. I appreciate your remarks.

Many people come to the site regularly, but don't leave comments. That's okay!

God bless,