Monday, January 11, 2010

How to be Pro-Life, Mark 3:1-6; 5:21-43; 10:13-16

My class was well received yesterday. Several members indicated they liked the interactive nature of the lesson presentation. I've found that allowing adults to get involved in the class helps them to be more attentive and better apply the lesson points to their lives.

Learning by immersion (see 10 points) may be a unique way to teach this week's lesson, "How to Be Pro-Life," which is based on Mark 3:1-6; 5:21-43; 10:13-16.

As a teacher, I need to inspire change to get members to take specific actions to enhance the lives of others. I could suggest, for example, specific actions such as visiting members of the church who are shut-ins, writing cards to encourage the elderly, or phoning a needy friend or family member. They may not follow thru, however.

It would be more instructive to immerse the class in a learning experience in the Church nursery, the Church prayer room, or in a Church pre-school class. Of course such a visit would have to be prearranged and planned, but it would put class members into the actual environment where all their senses could help them learn, for example, to comfort a crying child, pray for a non-Christian, or help a pre-schooler learn to count.

I need to do some planning, but I'll probably teach a brief lesson from the focal passage illustrating how Jesus was people oriented, then make our immersive learning trip. An alternative is to arrange for a pre-K class to visit my class. It would shock everyone to see those kids walk into the classroom!

Think about it. It's just an idea.


Jack said...

I didn't know about the SBC resolutions from 71 and 74 that were posted in Mark Rathel's lesson overview. Here's a link with a summary of the actual resolutions related to abortion over the past 38 years:
additionally, the SBC search, can find the actual resolutions related to Pro-Life.

servingHim said...

Yes, I saw Rathel's comments, too, Jack. It surprised me, I have to admit. Your link was very helpful. Thank you

I particularly disliked the 1974 resolution labeling "the view of abortion as murder" as an extreme position. Ugh!