Saturday, January 16, 2010

PPT slides for "How to be Pro Life", Mark 3,5, & 10

To make the class interactive, I took an approach in my lesson slides of asking questions as the commentary on each passage.

May the good Lord bless our classes as we teach tomorrow.


Rittenhouse said...

The link to your question based lesson slides isn't working for some reason. I'd like access because we postponed this lesson due to a youth week special.

servingHim said...

Well, not sure what the issue is since the link checks out okay and the file is showing almost a 100 downloads. Here is a copy of the link:

Is it the case that the file is downloading and you are unable to open it?

Rittenhouse said...

Strange! Now it's working --- I guess it was a fluke problem with my computer. Thanks, though!