Thursday, October 23, 2008

Confession of sin

For the lesson, “Conform to God’s Agenda,” it’s interesting to compare Saul’s reaction to David in 1 Samuel 24:17-19 to David’s reaction to Nathan in 2 Samuel 12:13. Constant confession of sin is a mark of godly character (Step 4). To demonstrate how times have changed, read how Spurgeon illustrated his sermon in 1865 in the case of Dr. Pritchard and Constance Kent.

Commenting on this lesson from 1 Samuel (p. 8), Dr. W. B. Tolar, distinguished professor of biblical backgrounds, emeritus, of Southwestern Seminary, notes the following applications of the text for this lesson:

1. David had many fine characteristics and one of them was the respect he held for legitimate leaders.
2. David showed his high character by refusing to assassinate King Saul and make himself king immediately.
3. We Christians would do well to learn to control our ambitions so that we honor God as we treat others in a Godly fashion.
4. All Christians need to learn to operate by God’s timing and not by our own selfish ambitions.
5. God’s ways are best and God’s timing is always best!

No matter who wins the current election for President, Americans will be tested on his first, second and third points.

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