Thursday, October 16, 2008

PPT slides for "Cultivate Godly Friendships", 1 Sam 18-23

The lesson, “Cultivate Godly Friendships” encourages believers to cultivate godly friendships. The writer of the article, “True friends are with us through thick and thin” suggests enduring friendships “just happen in a relationship”, and are not planned.

The article, “How to Determine Who Your true Friends Are”, categorizes friends as “fair-weather”, “know-it-all”, and real and simple friends. Another approach mentioned in the article is to liken friends to parts of a tree. Fair-weather friends are like leaves that drop off as the seasons change, and real friends are like tree roots that bring aid when you need it and add to your life.

I posted a draft of my PPT slides for “Cultivate Godly Friendships”. Hopefully they can help you prepare your lesson. As always, feel free to suggest changes as comments (see Comment Link below).


Anonymous said...

Hi there. My name is Kent. I am filling in for our class' regular teacher and I want to thank you. This is a very helpful resource for someone not in the routine of studying for and preparing a lesson. Your research and work for the furthering of the Kingdom here is well appreciated - Thanks!

servingHim said...

Hey Kent! Thank you. Appreciate you stopping by, too.

I posted an update to the slides on Saturday morning, on you might want to download them again.

Take care,