Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Conform to God’s Agenda, 1 Samuel 24-31

Today it seems we often just leave God out of our fast-paced lives rather than “Conform to God’s Agenda,” the title of our lesson this week, which is based on 1 Samuel 24:1-31:13 (1 Chron 10:1-12). As Rathel’s commentary notes, it’s instructive for us to read Psalm 57 and 142 to gain insight into David’s thinking as he fled from Saul.

I like how Louis Johnson, North Park Baptist Church, Abilene, defines God’s agenda in his commentary on the lesson—“we work toward God’s goals, limit ourselves to God’s methods, and operate according to God’s timetable.” I encourage you to read the article to see how David adhered to God’s agenda when he was falsely accused.

How do you respond to false accusation (see Adult Leader Guide, p. 89)? I also recommend adapting the True/False quiz in my previous post on Unjust Suffering for use in your lesson.


Louis Johnson said...

Thanks for the kind words--I hope that you are finding all the lessons helpful.

~ Louis

servingHim said...

Louis--We appreciate the time you take to write. I'm convinced most Bible teachers want to make a difference and do a good job in the classroom. You are helping us achieve that goal! God bless, and keep up the good work.