Thursday, February 26, 2009

Does God have the same expectations for all of us?

In his Teaching Insights email Dan Kassis, Internet Producer at LifeWay suggests that the failure of promising athletes or bright stars as an illustration for teaching the lesson, “Meet Divine Expectations.”

LifeWay posted its QuickSource plan for the lesson. You might give it a look since it’s not often available. For this lesson, they suggest using a measuring cup as an object lesson for illustrating the idea of “measuring up” to expectations.

As an alternative, take along a set of measuring cups and ask class members if God has different expectations for different people?
Always one to meet expectations, Dr. Jeff Meyer posted a teaching plan for the lesson, and a couple of MSB commentaries on Isaiah (intro and vs by vs).

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Sheryl said...

I like the measuring cup idea. I'm not baking cookies but I'm going to use the cup as a reminder throughout the lesson.