Thursday, February 19, 2009

PPT slides for "You can keep at it", 2 Thessalonians 3:1-18

I posted a version of my slides for Sunday’s lesson, “You can keep at it.” Howver, I plan to study a few more sources before I finalize my thoughts. So feel free to send me your changes or ideas about the slides (ronnieward AT SIGN yahoo DOT com), or post a comment on this blog.


Dale said...

I am an adult sunday school teacher, and only been teaching for a year. We used the Lifeway Explore the Bible series. I am just looking to switch things up a bit, make things a little different. I just reviewed your slideshow and I Love it! it has given me lots of new ideas to use. thanks! -- Dale G.

servingHim said...

Thanks Dale and welcome to teaching! Post here if you ever just want to talk about the lesson.


McBetty said...

Love the applications and photos!

servingHim said...

Thanks McBetty.

I had a large class today (85, with 10 visitors). Murphy's law came into play. The projector failed!

I was not able to use my PPT slides, but I did you the clip from the movie.It was a great lesson anyway.

Hope your class went well.